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Female infertility. Implementation of ovarian stimulation in conjunction with gonadotropins trenbolone acetate kits in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer and other assisted reproductive technologies.Pregnancy. Pregnancy must be excluded before the start of drug therapy.
Hypersensitivity.Administered subcutaneously, starting from the 2nd day of the cycle (at the same time, trenbolone acetate kits since stimulation of the ovaries), and complete treatment for 1 day prior to the scheduled administration of human chorionic gonadotropin. The course of treatment is 10 – 12 days. Long protocol: Daily subcutaneous injections  start from the 2nd day of the cycle. When pituitary desensitization (E 2 <50 pg / ml, ie, constant use suppresses gonadotropin secretion by about 15 days after the start of treatment) begin stimulation with gonadotropins and continue injection Diferelin ® at a dose of 0.1 mg, ending their the day before the scheduled administration of human chorionic gonadotropin. Duration of treatment is determined individually by your doctor. Terms of preparation of the solution. Immediately before injection to transfer solvent into the vial with liofi.tizatom. Shake until completely dissolved. Used needles should be placed in a dedicated sharps container.

Side effects: At the beginning of the treatment: the treatment of infertility combination with gonadotropins may cause ovarian gipersgimulyatsii. In this case there is an increase in size of the ovaries, abdominal pain. During treatment: The most common such side effects as: flushes, vaginal dryness, decreased libido and dyspareunia related to pituitary-ovarian blockade. Prolonged use of gonadotropin – releasing hormone analogues . can lead to bone demineralization, the risk of developing osteoporosis above-described side effects were observed during short-term use. Allergic reactions:urticaria, rash, pruritus, rarely – angioedema. In rare cases: nausea, vomiting, weight gain, increased blood pressure, emotional instability, visual disturbances, pain at the site of injection. It is extremely rare:headache, joint and trenbolone acetate kits muscle pain.

Cases of overdose are not known.

Interactions with other medicinal products
are not described.

is not described.

Specific guidance warning. The response to the introduction of ovarian response  in combination with gonadotropins can markedly increase in predisposed patients, and particularly in cases of polycystic ovary disease. The response of the ovaries to the introduction reaction of the drug in combination with gonadotropins can vary from . patients, the reaction may also be different from the same patients at different cycles . Preventive measures Stimulation of ovulation must be carried out under medical supervision and conduct regular clinical and biological analysis techniques: increasing estrogen in plasma and holding sonographer. If the response of ovarian response is excessive, it is recommended to interrupt the stimulation cycle and stop the injection of gonadotropin.

Pregnancy and lactation
Currently gonadotropin – releasing hormone analogues are used in combination with gonadotropins to stimulate ovulation and pregnancy.
Pregnancy is a contraindication for the use of the drug. However, experience has shown that after ovulation, stimulated in the previous cycle, some women became pregnant without stimulation and continued to further stimulate ovulation rate. Totals: Experiments on animals have shown that the drug is not teratogenic. Thus, it is expected the development of congenital anomalies person when using this drug, as 2 qualitatively performed animal studies have not revealed its teratogenic effects. The results of clinical trials involving a small number of pregnant women with gonadotropin – releasing hormone analogs showed no fetal malformation or fetotoxicity. However, you must further study of the effects of the drug on pregnancy,

Effects on driving vehicles and using machines
No effect on the ability of road management and control mechanisms.

release Form

Dosage Form:

lyophilisates for solution for subcutaneous administration of 0.1 mg (together with the solvent – 0.9% sodium chloride solution).
For 0.1 mg vial of colorless glass trenbolone acetate kits hydrolytic type I (Evr.F.) a sealed stopper chlorobutyl beneath an aluminum run with a hole for the needle in the center and covered with a protective plastic cover first opening control.
in 1 ml of solvent into the vial of colorless glass of hydrolytic type I (Evr.Farm.).
7 vials with and 7 with solvent ampoules packed in a contour cell package of PVC and together with instructions for use placed on a stack of cardboard.

at temperatures below 25 ° C out of reach of children.

Shelf life
2 years.
Do not use after the expiration date printed on the packaging.

Conditions of supply of pharmacies
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