trenbolone acetate for sale

Intravenous (bolus and infusion), under the control of laboratory parameters. The ratio of the introduced fluid and diuresis determined every 6 h for 1 hour the solution was injected in an amount corresponding to 7-10% of the body weight of the patient.; then replaced by bolus drip, for 24-48 hours, at a rate of 40-120 drops / min. Before the introduction of the solution is heated to 36-38 ° C. The solution is administered in an amount necessary to restore the volume of fluid lost with feces, vomit, urine and sweat.
In severe forms of trenbolone acetate for sale disease (hypovolemic infectious-toxic shock, decompensated metabolic acidosis, anuria) start with jet injection with a subsequent transition to drip.
When milder forms of diseases (intoxication and dehydration, metabolic acidosis, oliguria) may restrict drip of the drug.
After the elimination of hyperkalemia further water-salt therapy is conducted with solutions “Trisol”, “Acesol” or “Chlosol”.

Side effects:
swelling, and tachycardia. In some trenbolone acetate for sale cases, you may experience chills.

No data available.

therapy is performed under the control of the hematocrit and blood electrolyte concentrations.

Use during pregnancy and lactation
No data available.

Product form
The solution for infusion of 200 or 400 ml glass bottles, sealed with rubber stoppers and crimped aluminum caps.
24, 28 bottles of 200 ml or 12.15 ml bottles 400 with instructions for use placed on the number of bottles in cardboard boxes with corrugated pads and bars (for hospitals).

Storage conditions:
The temperature trenbolone acetate for sale is not above 25 ° C, out of reach of children. Freezing of the drug is not a contraindication to its use. Non-wettable inner surface of the bottle is not a contraindication to the use of the drug.

Shelf life
2 years. After the expiry date does not apply.

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